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End user should able to see Asset/CI list belonging to him or his company on Self-service portal on service request form

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We have added the Configuration Item / Asset field on Self Service Portal On Incident form. CI/Assets are get automatically filtered based on Currently logged user or based on his company account.


The end user is able to see assets belonging to him or his company account. This filter is OOTB provided.


Now the same thing we are doing for Service Request. On the service request form, We have created a lookup field of the base element.

If We add criteria for Account for this lookup field, then on service request form-  it will show me only assets related with that specified account.


But We don't want that static filter. We are maintaining many accounts, so the end user from an account is logged in to SSP, on service request form Asset/CI should get auto-filtered.


The Asset/CI should get auto filter based on current logged user/ based on Account.


We want the same thing for Service Request as well.


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