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Disable the license-check mechanism (ARERR 9084)

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In ARSystem exists since a long time a mechanism to prevent that several user can work with the same logonid (and the same license).

At the moment it saves a cookie (G-cookie) in user-browser and at the server. If the user come with a wrong cookie, the ARERR 9084 appears.

In earlier times with ARUser it saved the IP-address of the client, which worked fine.

Now with midtier there are several ways that this mechnism fails:

- User uses different browser

- user work swith private browser sessions

- user clears the browsercache

- user accesses midtier with different urls (cookie is dependent from url)


Besides the error-possibilties the whole mechanism makes no sense anymore.

Maybe it was possible to work in ARSytem with only one user in the past.

But as now the ITSM-application exists, it is not possible to do this, you would have to change the complete ITSM-application.


So please disable it


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