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Installer behavior in case of problem

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This is mainly for installer of ARS/CMDB/AI but i think relevant also for other installers like ITSM/SLM/SRM or any other.


There are several situations where the installer must not immediately initiate a Rollback (e.g. ARS) or finish the installation as failed.

The best example can be ARS/CMDB upgrade where the installer restarts the ARS several times always waiting for the AR Server to start. In case the server starts too long (I think more than 10 minutes) or it doesn't start at all the installer initiates a rollback.


It would be good in situations where the admin intervention can help to pause the installer with a message and relevant buttons to continue. For this can it could be Retry / Rollback. The Admin who is installing will get the change to check what's wrong with the ARS process and correct the problem=continue with installation.


I cannot evaluate other cases / applications where this could be useful but for sure there are lot of. Any additional ideas / comment are welcome


@One point is the silent installation behavior. Maybe there is a stop either possible...(?)


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