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Add Filter based on Submit Date in My Activity in DWP

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Currently, for Submitted Requests in DWP, it is possible for the customer to filter on status of the requests and search on the following:


    Requests ID

    Order ID

    Requested for

    Requested by

    Submitted answers


It would also be useful to have the possibility to filter the tickets based on time (Created after date, Created before date, Created in range of time: After date1 and before date2). This will provide the user with an easier way to find older tickets and check them. This is particularly helpful when an user has open many tickets which is harder to manage.



At the moment, to see the date a ticket was created or updated, you need to open each request. If you open at least one ticket per day, it will take a lot to filter through the open requests, especially when this activity is done on a daily bases. Also, since requests opened from Service Broker Services have the same name, it is impossible to differentiate them unless you open them and then open the details.


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