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CMF interface to ZOSMF sysplex wide performance data, GPMSERVE equivalent

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CMF needs to be able to interface with ZOSMF to display sysplex wide performance data, similar to the RMF GPMSERVE Distributed Data Server.  This would be in addition to the already developed LINK TO MVE as explained in the "How to add MVE link to zOSMF.pptx" document.


As stated from the IBM documentation:     IBM Knowledge Center


Applications that want to access sysplex-wide performance data, can retrieve their input from a single data server on one system in the sysplex, which gathers the data distributed on all systems in the sysplex. Therefore, this is called the Distributed Data Server (DDS).

The DDS offers an HTTP API which can access short-term data from the Monitor III as well as long-term data from the Postprocessor. An application program can send an HTTP request for selected performance data to the DDS.

Note: Start of changeEquivalent to the DDS component GPMSERVE, which gathers performance data from z/OS systems in a sysplex, RMF XP provides a second DDS component called GPM4CIM, which you can use to gather performance data from AIX® and Linux operating systems. For general and setup information about RMF XP refer to Cross platform monitoring with RMF XP. The z/OS RMF Programmer's Guide provides information on how to exploit the HTTP API of GPM4CIM if you want to submit requests for AIX and Linux performance data. The remaining information in the current topic is about GPMSERVE for z/OS only.End of change

Exploiters of Monitor III performance data provided by the DDS are, among others, z/OS Capacity Provisioning, z/OSMF, or RMF PM. If you want to monitor systems in a sysplex, you must set up a Distributed Data Server (DDS) host session on the system in the sysplex with the highest RMF™ release. If you want to monitor several sysplexes, each one needs to have an active DDS.


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