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Create Exclusion Ranges Through REST API

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It would be awesome to be able to add exclusion ranges through the REST API. This can currently be done through the CLI so the request object sent in could essentially just use the tw_excluderanges utility and pass in the request body parameters as command line arguments.


Something like this for the endpoint schema:

Post: /discovery/exclude


     "description": "some description"

     "label": "some label"

     "ranges": [ "range1", "range2", ..., "range n" ]



Then a call to the command line utility could be made:

tw_excluderanges --description="${description}" --add "${ranges}"


I know that there would require some authentication so I'm assuming you use the api_token of the user or something along those lines.


The Get method of the call could just return the existing ranges in a very similar format to the post schema.


Or something completely different, either way it would be a nice functionality to have through the REST API!


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