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TPL syntax "helper"

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Here might be more than one idea in one post but they are very related


When editing pattern inline on the ADDM appliance (UI) it is simply as modifying the patterns in notepad. Nothing to help you like coloring, autocomplete, line numbering etc... I want a feature that understands TPL (after all, it is ADDM).

For those of you who might have used Dreamweaver to write HTML knows what I mean.

If I am modifying an active pattern, I would like to "test" the apply (activate) before commiting it... if there is an error I have to wait for the pattern recompile and then re-edit it again.


...and as a spinoff to this idea, there are plenty of online editors for python, json etc avilable as Chrome Apps or other browser extensions (if you don´t like the idea of installing software or have your tpl code available in the cloud and accessable from all computers you logon to.


I am not after a full IDE environment, but something along the way to make it easier for non TPL guys to work with patterns


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