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Missing basic functionalities for Work Orders

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With the ticket type "Work Orders" we miss various basic functionalities that are available in the other ITSM modules.

As an example I would like to name the following deficiencies:

1. The tab Categorization is missing the button "Clear" (is available in Incidents, Changes, Problems, Tasks and Knowledge-Articles).

2. When creating ad hoc tasks, the field "Notify Assignee" is not preset (is available in Incidents and Changes).

3. Missing copy function "Create Related Request" (present in Incidents and Changes). Copying of Work Orders should be possible and creating to new Incidents and Changes.

4. Missing workflow in the fields Request Manager and Request Assignee (is present in Incidents, Changes, Problems and Tasks in the respective assignment fields).

5. In the work Order Console, you can build your own filters using the "User Defined Searches" function. Only a very limited number of fields are available for Work Orders to create a "Build Search Qualification". For example, the support group names for Request Manager and Request Assignee would be very helpful.

6. ...


These are some of the differences, but far from all.

The support does not recognize these differences as Defect but sees it as a product extension.

If you notice further differences spontaneously, you are welcome to add them.


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