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TrueSight Enhancement around Action - ASSIGN EVENT

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Hi All,


I am raising this idea for TrueSight Operations Management Product where we have Groups and Users synced into TSPS Console from SSO, same information is used to Map Roles and Create Auth Profiles for Role Based Access Control.


Now, lets take an example around a Scenario where a Group of a Contract is mapped for Access Provision. Now when a user logged into the Console using his AD Account, at that time on Events Console on TSPS while accessing a Action - "ASSIGN EVENT". It should only show Users part of same User Group or AD Group, which Logged-in User Account is part of.


Currently, this is not the case, Its not even showing all users and neither grouped users, which creates issue when User Count is High.


By enhancing this feature, it will more easy for Operations Team to perform this action.


Please vote.



Anuparn Padalia


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