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DWP Catalog - Questions Designer - Default Value SB Context Variable should have Requested By Corporate ID  & Requested For Corporate ID

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In BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, we have Question Designer section. In that if we create a Question and go for an option to set Default Value, we can select Type = Service Broker Context.


In Context Variable dropdown, it populates lots of data like Full Name, Company, Department, Site, Email etc which are mostly read from CTM:People form. In those dropdown values, there should be values like "Requested By ID" and "Requested For ID" and it should pull the data of "Remedy Login ID" of CTM:People form.

Since Fullname can be same for multiple employees in an organization, hence unique Corporate Ids is the preferred way of searching and displaying any user related data. And this Id should be the Remedy Login ID of CTM:People form.


Since this value is not present, hence request is to make this value available which will provide more flexibility to extract User Profile data.Sanket MhatreCorina Tigau KISHAN NALLAJERLA Digital Workplace / MyIT


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