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Need solution to Migrate the Shared & Non Shared dashboards from TSPS.

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Dashboard's in TrueSight Presentation Server are very helpful to have the consolidated view for Services, Application and for overall infrastructure health. We have observed one challenge while we are planning to migrate the TrueSight servers to the new hardware due to end of support for existing TSIM & TSPS physical servers by vendor. We have more than 200 useful dashboard's which are created to help our different IT support teams.


Re-creating all the dashboards is hard & bulky task.


We understand its difficult request due to change in instances ID and many more things may be problem to resume the dashboards intact to the new environment.


There should be some workaround to at least restore the dashboards along with configured dashlets underneath ( Though all graphs will be blank ) so that admin can easily re-configure by using previous definitions & frames.


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