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Automatic Import/ Export - Migration Feature for moving Datamarts/ Views between Environments

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Currently, there is no automated feature to develop datamarts/ views in one environment (e.g. DEV) and move them automatically and seamlessly to another (e.g. UAT or PROD).


The only help at the moment is described here:


The current function is incomplete because when views are imported to a new environment, the datamart corresponding to the view is imported with a different unique identifier and dependent datamarts are not imported.


There should be a way automatically promote datamart/view packages from Dev to UAT/PROD without manual rework being needed which introduces risk of errors and means more access has to be provided to support staff in PROD.


The lack of an automatic migration feature also makes fault-finding harder because there is no guarantee that PROD has the same as UAT and there is no automatic way to copy from PROD to UAT for debug.


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