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Ability to Segregate Access to Service Requests in the Remedyforce Console

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Currently in Remedyforce, when creating a Service Request, you have the ability to adjust the 'Entitlement' in order to make that specific SRD available to such things as:

1- All Accounts

2- Selected Accounts


And from there you can streamline it even further by adding additional entitlements by:

1- All Users

2- Users of Selected Profiles

3- Users of selected Permission Sets


The above will allow those individuals to see or not see that SRD from Self Service

In addition to today's functionality, ALL STAFF members working in the Console will be able to see ALL SRDs



This Idea is in reference to the following USE Case:

You want to add Facilities or another Business Unit to now have access to the Remedyforce Console as they will now start working tickets. However, when they were clients, they were only able to see certain SRDs (based on the above scenario), however now, as Staff users., they can now see ALL SRDs.


We need to find a way to allow those 'Staff Business Users' to only see what they were able to see from Self Service and not allow their new 'Staff' profile to overwrite the SRD visibility permission.


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