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Sort the Dashboards & give them a good sharp look!

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please can you vote for this idea!


Ok so we have Truesight PS setup with some dashboards as that is the rage at the moment, seeing and visualizing


i went through and setup a dashboard just to show CPU being captured for an application, great thing is now you can dump any parameter into a dashboard and have it updating by the minute very neat and obv create any view you want, but the widgets are so poor :-( you only create bar graphs or dont get a chance to do anything, you want an area graph well that dont work or a donut or scatter-gram none of that is included. Aso the view of the dashboards is not clean and needs work its not sharp as some of the widgets out there or the competitors,Now i am not mentioning any names but take a look and decide yourself, BTW one of the below is open source.



Please fix this you done all the hard work in getting the data to one place at least make it look good :-) please if you are reading vote for this! its a chance to put BMC data on large screen plasma that will look great!




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