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Provide community owner a feature to merge votes from duplicate idea to original idea

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Hi Community owners,


Idea process has already brought some unhappy process for customers where sometimes they are force to raise idea of obvious defects.


Also it is found that most customers sometimes use communities to only to raise an idea and they don't have much experience with using communities.


So they raise duplicate ideas without performing search or not knowing how to search and duplicate ideas could be created.


Process owners closed those ideas as duplicate which is correct but votes from these ideas are lost which is injustice to customers.


Because of this feature, ideas are divided into multiple pieces and hence their votes.


I ask for community feature, when Process owners are about to close idea as duplicate, it should mandate them to specify original idea link for which it is being closed as duplicate. And transfer or merge votes from duplicate ideas to original ideas which will increase the weight of original idea and customer would also be happy that their vote is not wasted.


This will idea to move up in vote list.


Any thoughts our power users

Peter Adams Matt Laurenceau Stefan Hall Marek Ceizel Ash Hall Mohammad Rehman Carl Wilson

Puja Kumari Vishnu Nair




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