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Remedy Single Sign-On additional functionality

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Hi All,

We would like to have more control on the RSSO Sessions. Could be implemented the following functionalities?


  • At the moment RSSO allow to set a session timeout parameter as global, could be the timeout session parameter be defined also for a specific user or group (for example the videowall user needs a timeout session more long the all the other users)?;
  • At the moment the only way to close a session is to wait the timeout. Could the Admin user force the closure of a session (for example to manage some abnormal connection)?
  • At the moment RSSO leave open all the sessions opened from the same user, is it possible to configure a limit to avoid to have a large number of useless session still open on the tool?
  • At the moment the Session List is not exportable, is it possible to enable the exporting of the list of the open session so as the Admin user can check and control the access to the BMC Tools?
  • At the moment if the Administrator reduces the timeout session configuration, all the active sessions do not change the Remaining Time, also if that time exceeds the new timeout parameter. Is it possible to update the timeout session configuration of all the session that exceed the new configuration?


Thank you in advance,



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