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TSPS Event Console Filters

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While applying the filter on TSPS Event console we saw that first event will be automatically in selected state whenever we are changing the tabs. This was not the case in TrueSight Presentation Server 10.5 but It seems an obvious issue in 10.7.


The issue is if we are moving between tabs e.g. we move to the open events and then the user selects a number of events to assign/acknowledge/close, then the user needs to remember to untick the first option if it is not needed as part of the operation. This may cause an error as the user may not remember to uncheck the first event in the list and will automatically get counted as part of the operation.


Why would the first option automatically be selected? Just because the user moves between the tabs, the system shouldn’t assume the user wants to do an operation on the event at the top of the list and automatically select that event.


Got confirmation from BMC Support that this is product feature as it is selecting the first event on the TSPS. There is no configuration or settings to change the sequence of highlighted event.


Suggestion: No event should be in the selected state by default whenever we are changing the tabs.


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Makrant Singh Rajput



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