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Allow data to exported as XML so it can imported to another TSPS or TSOM instance

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I have created some dashboards in my development TSOM instance. I would like to export them so I can import them into my test instance and eventually production instances.


I raised a support ticket, but apparently this cannot be done - which I find very surprising as it seems like basic functionality.


Also, from another user:


We can currently promote Infrastructure Policies from one TSPS server to another by exporting and importing them. It would be a really good feature if there was equivalent functionality that would allow the promotion of other configurations (e.g. Global Thresholds, Infrastructure Timeframes, Authorization Profiles and Roles) from one TSPS server to another. This would allow us to Develop configuration changes in one environment and then move them to another for Testing and another to support Live services (rather than manually making changes in each environment).


Please vote for this idea.


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