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BMC - TrueSight Capacity Optimization Gateway VIS files parser lookup improvement

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Hi all,


we are facing an issue with "BMC - TrueSight Capacity Optimization Gateway VIS files parser". We noticed hundreds of duplicated systems, monitored by TSCO Agents, in TSCO environment. The systems are standalone Linux or Windows servers.

We investigated with BMC Support and we found out that the ETL uses as "Strong Lookup Field", or unique identifier, the FQDN (VN_HOSTNAME) of the systems.

In customer environment this represents a potential issue because they have several network domains and servers are often migrated from one domain to other.


We were able to manage the issue through a massive reconciliation, but customer primary concern is to find a solution to prevent the issue. 


My proposal is to improve the ETL lookup mechanism to consider:



  • VN_NAME (HOSTNAME) -> this should be the preferred solution, since the hostname is considered a unique identifier in their environment.




This could be an option to be added to the ETL Configuration to allow the user to choose the best way to identify the system in their environment


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