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Need a method to determine/report on all Remotely Monitored Devices within TrueSight Presentation Server

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In a mixed environment (Agent-Based and Remote-Monitoring) we are looking for a method to report on all Remotely Monitored servers.


We can already go to "Managed Devices" to view PatrolAgent (Agent-Based) and we can Tag PatrolAgents for sorting. However, RemoteMonitored and Agent-Based Devices are indistinguishable when viewing in the "Devices" view.


We are unable to run a report or identify devices monitored under the Remote OS KMs. The only GUI based method for finding a Remotely monitored device is to drill down to the monitors within individual devices.


Other options we are looking into are CMDB records, collecting server list files (for file driven Remote KMs), or queries against the database. None of these options are out of the box, nor are they something I could hand to a user.


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