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Merge of multiple tickets

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This is something I have been requesting via development for many years now (8-10 years!)


When clients send in new emails that should really be replies to ticket emails footprints creates a new ticket, the only way to merge the information is manually doing it and then deleting the newer ticket after copying and pasting the new entries


I used this functionality around 8 years ago with servicenow and it is so powerful for any service desk individual or team, it saves so much manual effort and wasted time


Clients will NEVER not send in new emails so it's not about retraining them it's about making footprints efficient


Global tickets and linked tasks etc are all very nice but they are not the way to deal with this efficiently, to be able to select the duplicates and then point at the ticket they should be merged with follwed by after merge deleting the no longer required entries keeps the queue managed and the back end tables as these ticket references and lines can be re used for genuine new tickets entering the system


In database terms this is a relatively simple task so it isn't a significant development task but would offer any service desk much better efficiency


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