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If an email is submitted in SRM for a closed Service Request, a reply should be received.

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If an email is submitted for a Service Request in state (cancelled, Complete, Closed) no reply is received to inform the submitter it is in that state.

No-one is looking at Service Requests in one of these states, so nothing  happens.



If the Service Request is in one of these states, send a response back to the submitter telling them this and suggest they submit a new request. 


Use Case:

As a Service Desk manager, I want the Remedy ITSM system to send an automated response back to the customer, in case the customer sends an email to the system about an existing Service Request that is in a state (Cancelled, Complete, Close), in which case no-one looks at the request any more.
The automated response should give the customer insight about the status and the fact that there won't be a response and advise the customer to submit a new request.
This is required to set proper expectations with the customer about what will happen - Otherwise the customer may think that the Service Desk will respond to the e-mail.


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