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TrueSight: Deployment of PATROL Agent and Knowledge Modules -> temporary directory for installation

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TrueSight provides the mechanism to deploy PATROL Agents and Knowledge Modules directly through the Managed Devices View. The deployment involves the deployment of the installation source to the managed server and the installation. All files are placed in the PATROL_HOME/tmp directory. During the deployment, a backup is made for rollback if the installation fails for some reason. So the filesystem that holds the PATROL_HOME directory must have available space for

  1. the currently installed PATROL Agent and its KMs
  2. the installation source of the PATROL Agent and/or KMs
  3. the backup in case a rollback is necessary

The result is, that the filesystem must be specified with enough space but a lot of space is only needed if a deployment takes place.


Proposed Solution

When creating the deployable package, it should be possible to specify an alternative temporary directory which is used to place the source and the backup. With this feature, we would not need to have a large filesystem which has a lot of unused space.


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