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Need an easier way to sort through case journal entries - HRCM

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Frankie Strong

This request is in relation to how journals appear within a case.


In our HRCM, a single case can have upwards of 20 journals. When you have more than a few journals on a case, it becomes very difficult to  sort through them to locate a specific one whether they are related to documents, email, notes or something else. Because the system displays a portion of the journal text in the case, but also gives you an option to expand to the full text version, it becomes a challenge to scroll or sort through a high volume of journals. A single case can have several pages of journals and there is no each way to filter by specific journal types, dates, or text contained within.


Please provide additional options to more easily locate a specific journal. A more user-friendly or simple way to sort through email journals would be helpful.


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