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SSH for Linux and What is for Windows?

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RLM 5.0 provides a great mechanism to "ssh" to Linux hosts, through Remote Dispatcher scripts.

However, for this to work, one has to provide userid and password.

May organizations have service / sudo Ids that are used to actual application / deployment.


with the above mechanism, restricting to use individual ids, this is difficult to achieve.


1) Like another CI tool Jenkins, RLM should provide password less authentication to servers, entitled through RLM.

2) It should also provide mechanism, by which servers having trusted acess to RLM server, should be allowed to collect (such as "ssh" public key is shared)



Also, presently RLM does not provide any other way to connect to Windows hosts or do a deployment directly on Windows host.


It should make use of Win native protocols such as winrm to achieve this. !


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