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Full Text Search Enabled for More Tables in Track-It! 2019

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I reached out to support again for another search issue that I have encountered. I previously listed one here related to the overall search and it appears the issues are due to the full text search only being enabled for a few tables especially when it comes to assets. In the old Track-It you could search on almost anything and the new version is limited at the moment. I regularly have to search by serial number on a machine and this is not a field you can search at the moment. Just for example if Dell reaches out to me about an issue they will only give me the serial number of a device.


I think maybe the search as a whole needs another look not only have I ran into the issues mentioned above but also one that was replicated by support is sometimes unrelated items are returned as seen below. The IP search returned the correct asset (703) but also returned 3 other unrelated ones.

IP search.PNG


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