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OSD Windows 10 Zero Touch Enhancement

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When Imaging Windows 10 using "Setup" Mode the default unattend file is incomplete and needs modification. Please review this post:


Modify Unattend for Win10 SetUp mode (Country,Language,Keyboard)


Please add three new entries in the Unattend Form that will populate the default unattend.txt file so Windows 10 complete without any admin intervention!


The following lines had to be entered into a custom unattend.txt file and assigned to the Target List:







These lines were created using Windows 10 ADK Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM).

Unattended Windows Setup Reference | Microsoft Docs


The form should include Drop Down Selector to ensure the proper entries are added to the file when created.


Serena, Could you please review this idea as I believe this needs to be added to keep OSD as free of complexity as possible and continue to provide a much easier solution than the competition.


Please vote this idea up so we can get this added and eliminate the need to use the workaround by adding these lines manually.


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