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View various object records (Incident, Task, Change Request) in one list view

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The majority of records created in our instance of Remedyforce are Incidents or Service Requests, rarely do we see Task or Change Requests records created. Because our users are predominantly viewing Incidents or Service Requests, they often miss new Task records simply because they appear in another tab.


To get around this problem we have suggested the user creates a dashboard comprised of multiple list views, though this feels like a bit of a workaround and involves more clicks than should be necessary.


Having all tickets in one view, regardless of object record type would be very helpful. There is plenty of commonality between these object records in terms of fields, and it would enable a user to have one list view containing everything assigned to them, this would be especially helpful to those who are not power users and want to quickly check Remedyforce to see if new tickets are in their queue, or have been assigned to them.


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