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Enhancements for Broadcasts

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Broadcasts are a very powerful feature in Remedyforce. They aid towards call deflection and allow for the automatic closure of all related Incidents – whether 10 or 10,000. However, there are some enhancements that can be done, based on the current release.


1) Allow for Incident creation from the Broadcast ticker for both Support Staff as well as Clients

  • Benefit:
    • Incident is easily generated quickly and inherits the values associated within the Broadcast template
    • The new Incident is linked to the Broadcast
    • Allows Client to selectively generate the Incident

2) A common concern regarding Broadcasts is that users will ignore constant scrolling. When generating a Broadcast, you can selectively define if the Broadcast is set to scroll in the ticker or not. Request: add a counter in the Broadcast ticker to reflect the number of Broadcast the user has visibility to

  • Benefit:
    • Users are more likely to pay attention to scrolling content without there being an overload of content
    • Having a counter display, informs the user that there are other Broadcasts available to them
    • Allows the user to then selectively create an Incident from the non-scrolling Broadcast

3) Allow for color coding of Broadcast ticker content

    • Benefit:
      • Provides a visual indicator regarding level of importance. For example, text displayed in red would reflect something of a higher criticality

4) Allow for Client to create an Incident for a related Broadcast via Smart Suggestions


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