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Issue in KM synchronization (when new version of KM is imported) between primary and secondary TSPS on fail-over and fail-back

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When a new version of KM is imported while TSPS primary is active, there is requirement to failover the TSPS to secondary and import it in secondary as well and then fallback to primary. This needs to be done for all new version of KMs imported. In case of multi tenant environment where we have admin tasks to be executed by different teams working in isolation, it is not feasible to fail-over and fail back again of TSPS for every KM import as this is a production system. This needs to be fixed. KM synchronization between TSPS primary and secondary should be handled by the application. If we import KM on Primary then it should be synchronized automatically on secondary and vice-versa so that we don't see unexpected behavior in case of KM fail-over and fallback..


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