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Superbox functionality for the Console

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The Self Service Superbox allows clients to specify what's broken/what they need, without having to think about whether they are in fact submitting an incident or a service request. We think a similar functionality could be highly beneficial for agents who log tickets for clients.


Based on our experience, agents are not more successful than clients at making the incident/service request distinction: the line is often blurry, and whether something should be treated as a service request or an incident is a matter of policy and not just a question of ITIL theory.


We think agents should be able to record the basic details of the ticket (client details & description), and select a relevant request or an incident template, based on suggestions. Following which - a specific incident/request layout will be loaded in order to collect additional details.


The Remedy "Smart Recorder" is a good example in terms of functionality and UX, but in RemedyForce, adding Request Definitions to the console smart suggestions could perhaps work as well.


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