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Host to SAN Switch Relationship and vice-versa

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Dear All,


Currently Discovery do not show complete SAN topology. i.e. The relationship between the SAN switch discovered and hosts which are linked to it.



Currently discovery is  only showing HOST <-> StorageSystem linkage (In case, we have purchased storage TKU).


We know generally Storage is not directly attached to the Hosts HBA and rather they are connected to SAN switch and it has zoning in it.


It would be very helpful if we have the linkage/relationship discovered between Hosts <--> SAN Switches <--> StorageSystem or atleast Hosts <--> SAN Switches as many of our customers want the discovery to showcase the relationship between SAN switches and Hosts.


I would request the BMC R & D team to look into the possibilities and help us with this requirement.


Thank you.





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