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At install time, allow an REE to use a proxy to connect to the cloud-hosted AS

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Some customers are in the process to leverage/install their TSCO components in their Cloud environment but have a need to install a REE in the on-prem environment to facilitate the data collection of the on-prem resources.  Because of governance and security policies, all the on-prem to on-cloud communication is channelled via proxy servers.  According to BMC Support,  it is not possible in 11.3.01 to install an REE to communicate via a proxy (even when the proxy has opened the https 8443 port to the AS server in the cloud). 


This is an issue that will affect more and more customers as they embrace a cloud-first strategy.  In fact, the problem has already been resolved to integrate some of the ETLs to cope with the data collection from cloud resources.  See for example how the Azure connector has been enhanced with the "Use Proxy" parameter -- read in


This need has been mentioned previously (see Azure ETL option to enable proxy and Ability to make an ETL conect to a datasource through a proxy )


We need to ensure we allow users to decide where they want to install the components (on-prem or cloud).


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