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Displaying current date or any calculated date on Questionnaire page of MyIT Service

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Services created through MyIT Service Broker should display the current date on Questionnaire page. There should also be an option to do some calculation to change the date to be displayed. Below are the benefits that we can observe.

1) It will reduce the number of clicks for end user

2) It will facilitate the fulfillment team to control user's accessibility (for Privileged Access )


Let's dive into an example.

User want access to a server. Now there will be a duration/period mention for which user will get access. As a developer, I will create 2 fields.

  • Valid From Date
  • Valid To Date


Now the Valid From Date should display the Current Date automatically.

  • If the user need Permanent access to server, then Valid To Date should be Valid From Date + 1 Year
  • If the user need Temporary access to server, then Valid To Date should be Valid From Date + 1 Month


Access to Server or Database or any Admin activity are sensitive cases for an organization and in this way we can control the accessibility of user.


On another example -

If we create a Date field to allow user to fill Date of Birth, he still have an option to  provide date greater than current date. We are not able to restrict the user for this case.


Since current version of DWP Catalog is not providing feasibility to implement this, it would be great to get this feature in upcoming release.


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