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Request to give TSIM the ability to handle API logout requests

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I've been working with the various /bppmws/api REST calls and I can log in and edit tickets, but I cannot logout. If I run /bppmws/api/authenticate/logout with the username, pass, and tenant name the command appears to be successful, but the token originally created by the login still works. For example:


> use /bppmws/api/authenticate/login to get token

> use token in /bppmws/api/Event/update call to make a chang e to a ticket

> try to logout. The command does not want the token, it wants the id/pass/tenant name. I run the call. If I then try to re-run the event changes I made previously, it works - the token is still good.


I can also re-run the logout call repeatedly and it never errors - I would have expected it to error when the id is already logged out.


According engineering, from a code perspective because TSIM logout web service call is not designed to logout a user and unfortunately, the fact that TSIM does not handle the logout is not documented well.   We need to understand TSIM web service for logout is not implemented to be used directly by user once TSPS came into existence. TSIM users logout using TSIM GUI which is following a different logic to logout the user and it works fine.

This is a  request to make the functionality such that users can use TSIM logout calls via the REST API. The request is to be able to authenticate via both TSPS (which is exists today) and TSIM which does not work and as per BMC it is not designed that way. Can we change that?


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