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TSPS Dashboard for PatrolAgents' status (up and down)

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Requesting the feature below on  behalf of customer.


- a dashboard in TSPS that will show or list only servers where the “PatrolAgent” is currently down or uncontactable.

- (It might be beeter to filter out the status by running, disconncted, markedfor deleted, etc)


There is no dashlet to show such information as feature of existing dashlet is very limited (e.g. show  parameter values, event  information etc)


For  example,


"BMC PATROL for TrueSight Self-Monitoring" has below parameters -


Number of connected PATROL agents (ConnectedCount)

Number of disconnected PATROL agents (DisconnectedCount)

Total number of PATROL agents (TotalPACount)


Device Performance dashlet ( can  show these parameters values (not the  list of PatrolAgent device name) but this can show just a number.




When  PatrolAgent is disconnected, following event  is triggered where the message contains PatrolAgent device name.



    msg='Self-Monitoring: PATROL Agent on is disconnected.';


Event List dashlet ( can show these events by  filtering message and event class.  However  maximum "Time Period" we can set in this dashelet, is just 2 days so it  will list the event where PatrolAgent was disconnected in max 2 days only.


Hence it is too difficult to implement such feature with current dashlet.


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