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Optimization of parameters for type views "Donut charts"

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My idea basically consists of something very simple and that up to now, as far as I was able to consult and look for information, it can not be implemented at present.


What is it? Basically it is to support the automatic scaling and the unit of measures in the staff of Donut Chart's


That is, move from a view where the visualization parameters overflow the graph reflecting any number of unknowable digits, in a view where the parameters are fully valid in a predetermined range or standard measurement in either Terabyte, Gigabyte, Megabyte, etc. .as shown in the image below


In addition to this, it would be ideal also to include some option of modification of individual visualization in the graphics, to include or exclude a certain amount of panels from the view, since these values are predefined and adapt automatically, but such would be able to configure it at our whim if we only want to see three boxes of graph per row in the view? I bet it would be very striking to have this feature, in short, this is just something that happened to me.



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