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Redesign TrueSight:

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In my years experience I have learned a lot about TrueSight. As I wrote in my post recently, TrueSight definitively goes in the right direction. There are also a lot of things I like on TrueSight. But it cannot be discussed away that in some areas TrueSight is not designed well. It is not my intent to criticize the work of the developers, I am sure they had the best intent to create a good product. Maybe the developers did not know how the product will be used in a productive and dynamic environment.


In my opinion there are some steps needed to take TrueSight to the next level and to keep it a competitive product. Some areas of TrueSight need to be redesigned. Mainly the UIs are not are not as usable as they should be and there are also some APIs wich should be either developed or improved.


As I have no insights into BMC workflows, I can only guess what the difficulties are. I can imagine that Time-to-market issues, new technologies, late or not in depth insight into products for competition reasons are the main stumbling blocks for BMC to develop a perfect product.

There is Microsoft System Center Operations Manager which is specifically designed for all Microsoft products and we cannot discuss away that they know their products at best. There is VMware Realize Operations Manager and they know virtualization at its best.


So the product must set itself apart from others in a kind of way and generate more value for the customer. Today TrueSight is good as a monitoring tool when it is used as the one and only one. Therefore BMC should choose another way. TrueSight should concentrate to be a central point of monitoring metrics & event data. So the aim should be to create integration for all the specialized monitoring products. Of course TrueSight should remain its capability to perform monitoring tasks itself. And from a technical point of view, the PATROL Agent is still a good instrument for monitoring. It offers a broad platform support and the flexibility to monitor a variety of components which can be OS specific, middleware, databases and applications.


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