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Missing: Composite Parameters in Solaris KM & AIX KM and documentation how to configure in a TrueSight environment

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The good "old" UNIX and Linux KM offered the Composite Parameters  (Using composite parameters - BMC PATROL for UNIX and Linux 9.13 - BMC Documentation ). The feature is also included in the Linux (NUK) KM (Using composite parameters - BMC PATROL for Linux 1.2 - BMC Documentation ), but how to configure it in a TrueSight environment is not documented.


In the AIX (IAK) KM and Solaris (KIS) KM the Composite Parameters feature is missing.


Proposed Solution

Please add the Composite Parameters feature to the AIX (IAK) KM and to the Solaris (KIS) KM. Also add proper documentation how Composite Parameters can be configured in a TrueSight environment.


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