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Solaris KM - Align configuration method with Linux and AIX KM

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We welcomed the new KM for Solaris. It is smaller, still powerful and aligns with the KMs for AIX and Linux. Despite the similarities of the KMs there is a difference in configuring the KMs. For the Linux and AIX KM all monitoring areas can be configured separate from each other. This makes it easy to create individual configurations for individual host. The Solaris KM follows a different approach. Everything is configured in a single configuration. If there are individual settings, the whole configuration has to be redone with the changes for the individual host. This is not practical and leads to additional work.


Example AIX KM



Example Solaris KM




Proposed Solution

Please do also align the method of configuration for the Solaris KM with the AIX and Linux KM, so that every monitoring area e.g. process monitoring, filesystem monitoring, etc. can be configured independent from each other. This reduces the work when creating individual monitoring configurations and we can build on the default policy.


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