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Unable to modify default Height & Width layout coordinates for a panel on OOB Forms

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EXPECTED RESULTS: Should be able to modify Height & Width of the Panel on OOB Form.


STEPS TO REPRODUCE: E.g AST:ComputerSystem OOB form.

  • Open AST:ComputerSystem Form in Developer Studio 9.1.04 in Best Practice Mode.
  • Select the Panel Section > Right Click on > Add New Panel.
  • Once the Panel is added > Double Click on the Panel to View Properties.
      • We cannot Edit Display Property Value
      • Not able to create Overlay over the Panel
      • Note the Width & Height value
  • Now > Save the Form > Close the Form & Open it again.
  • Now we see 2 boxes inside this Panel we created.
  • The one inside the Main Panel > select the box & we can see the Height & Width is changed from the original value to a lower value.
      • Again, we cannot edit this section to increase the Height or Width
      • Cannot create overly over the panel
      • We can edit the main outside box of the panel but that will not help to increase the inside panel height or width.


  • The behavior works if we are creating Panels in New Custom Form. We can increase the Panel Size as big as we want.



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