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Enhance Approval Mapping Configuration to support People related to a CI dynamically

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In Remedy ITSM Change Management scenarios it's a common request (if not the main request) of many customers to ask persons for approval that are related to a CI that is affected by a particular change.



When a change is planned against a server CI (Computer System) this can be a server administrator, who has to agree and approve the change first.

When a business service is affected, then the person may be a service owner, that has to approve.


These persons have been related to one or more CIs by a specific relationship.  This can be a "Supported by" or a "Owned by" relationship or any other available.


Unfortunately there seems to be no way ootb to configure such a requirement in the approval mapping console. As a workaround you will have to define dozens of mappings for services and hundreds of rules for server (or other CIs).


It should be possible to create an approval mapping which will dynamically use the person that has been related to a CI with a specific role type, when the CI is related to a change.


This would decrease the number of mappings and highly increase usability and control.


To implement this functionality for persons is highly appreciated, to implement it for groups would be even better and, of course, more complete.


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