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Storage - IBM DS8886 Extractor (Service or Agent)

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Good morning community,

My name is Sonia, it's my first time in the commuties but I need your help.


Some days ago, I opened a case with support to confirm if the reading with IBM DS8886 storage was compatible, and they confirmed that it was not compatible and was not developed.

They've recommended me to open this idea to be able to claim this reading of this model


The environment for which I work (previous environments and production environment), will be migrated in the short term future, from different types (Hitachi and EMC) mainframe storage, to IBM DS8886 cabinets. So that, I have the need for the development team to consider making this type of connector compatible with these model/cabinets, because if not within the period of 6 months, we will stop having data for our client at the storage level.

The client for I work, banking sector, will claim this information for their analysis with TSCO, speaking of simple users and senior officials to who some information is reported.

The impact that may have not give it is to reconsider if there are another product that can give them this information.. I don't know any product of this information because I'm not an storage expert but I understand that the IBM has a command suite type hitachi or a console / interface similar, to give us this data...

Do you think that BMC already contemplates these reading connectors against this type of booths? I need it.

Thanks advanced,



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