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Provide onscreen instructions for setting thresholds for log files with dynamic names

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The Log Management KM can be used to monitor files with dynamic names (e.g. time stamps in the name).

The problem comes with trying to set a Server Threshold on them via TSPS Infrastructure Policies.


Take this example:


We've created a monitor for the dynamic file name /var/tmp/ims*, and have given it an instance name of 'ims'.


On the Server Threshold screen, we need to populate the Monitor Instance Name field.  The user will be inclined to use 'ims', since that matches what was provided earlier.

The GUI will happily accept it and all will seem well in the world.  At some point in the future, the threshold will be exceeded and yet no event will be triggered.


The solution here is to use the '.*' regular expression.  For our instance, it will be ims.*



This isn't intuitive.  Ideally we should have a tool tip populate the Monitor Instance Name field when Log Management is selected. 

If the code cannot handle variable tool tips, then populate some text to the right of the field with this guidance.


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