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Workstation audit performance/control improvements

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I would like to see overall improvements made to the performance and execution of the Workstation audits. This could take many forms, but I've jotted down a few.  In short though, I need the audits to move faster and I need to have more control over the workstation audit process so that I can determine (based on my own network/server architecture) where the line is between pushing performance and avoiding impact to the users/network.



  • The ability to increase/decrease (fine tune) how many systems the server will audit at once.  The audit truly needs to be able to process more than one system at a time...
  • The ability for the audit to run on a repeating schedule or multiple static scheduled times instead of only once a day in order to increase the likelihood of Workstations being audited that may only be available/turned on during different shifts during the day/night.
  • If a workstation is unable to be audited, it should be automatically retried on a configurable schedule (or be added to a separate high-priority audit cycle that continues to reattempt to audit those) using a much lower priority. Maybe even randomized at the time an audit cycle fails to connect with it?
  • Perhaps the option to have the audits continue to cycle throughout the day beyond a single run-through?  When one audit cycle finishes, the cycle automatically begins again and does not wait for that one scheduled time.  Once a day is fine for some, but our technicians are replacing stuff or moving workstations all day long and having more accurate user/asset assignments and other audit information would be far more useful to us.
  • The ability to group systems that can then be assigned different audit schedules. (maybe even based on department or location?)


(So vote on the concept of improving performance in the entire Workstation audit process rather than looking at each suggestion below. Add your own even... Hopefully Cris doesn't make me break them all out and saturate the idea forum )


Delivered in Track-It! 2018 as the Asset Management module is now powered by BMC Client Management


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