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Improve workflow on service ci rename

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Our cusotmer was/is experiencing the issue, that they get ARERR 298 (Too many Filters) and/or ARERR 93 (client timeout) when they change the name of certain business service CIs via asset console.


The problem in this case is that the business service ci is related to a large number of tickets (eg. ~33k incidents, etc) and upon name change, the workflow also changes the name in the backend association tables on which several filters fire (eg. ~80 on HPD:Associations).

Hence one can easily reach the limit for max filters per operation or experience client timeouts.

It is possible to overcome this by setting higher max filter per operation values and/or higher client timeouts however this could also be solved by different workflow to modify the association table entries.

Hence the idea to improve the OOTB workflow in this area. Eg. workflow could for example create actions for each association entry and modify each entry one by one instead of doing a modify all (eg. via CAI plugin).


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