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Earlier we had created an idea MyIT Service Broker : Profiling Services in which we requested a feature of Profiling. That is, once a service is requested, it should be visible in My Stuff, such that Day-2 actions can be triggered (like Change Service or Remove service).


Glad to say, in 1802 release , we got this feature in the form of Service Actions . However again we got stuck as impersonation is NOT available in MyStuff . It's only available in Catalog page of DWP.


Why impersonation required on MyStuff (Usecases) :

Although it's very fascinating to access DWP, senior executives (Directors, VP) of an organization couldn't manage a time to requests services for themselves. Generally , assistants to such senior executives performs these tasks. Let's say Senior executive already has a laptop (requested using DWP Catalog by an assistant using impersonation), and now 'Laptop service' is visible in My Stuff , associated with following Service Actions : Upgrade Laptop , Return Laptop .  Due to some reasons, Senior executive would like to upgrade a laptop. In such a scenario , how the assistant of an executive can place upgrade request (using My Stuff) on behalf of senior executive? Same applicable for Returning laptop.


PS : The idea about making impersonation available in My Stuff is only w.r.t Service Actions. CLM procured services , or VMs provisioned using Service Broker connectors are out of scope, and BMC can brainstorm on whether it's required for CLM etc or not..





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