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Option to Enable / Disable Schedules in Grid Manager

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Currently, in grid manager we have option to only add or delete a schedule. It would be great if we have an option button one for "enable" and one for "disable" the selected schedule in Grid Manager.


This will be very helpful when we have a BAO setup in a DR setup. Currently I have setup BAO environment in 2 different data center with LB configured. The setup Active - Active. Switch over between DC will happen automatically (configured with in LB) if primary DC is down. In this case there is no way to keep the scheduler activated in Grid Manager of both DC. In such scenario, "enable" and "disable" option for a schedule in Grid Manager will be helpful.


Also it would be great to have REST operation to enable and disable the schedulers, this will provide more flexibility to automate and administrate.



Hariharan Devaraj


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