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provide a stable developer-facing interface to ClientCore.js for use in HTML templates

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HTML templates (via AR System Resource Definitions) are a powerful feature.

However, to be truly useful, HTML templates need to be able to call javascript functions to communicate back to the ARSystem. For instance, sending an Event. Or more advanced integrations like my Table to CSV spreadsheet exporters:


How To Directly Export ARS Tables to CSV

How To Directly Export ARS Tables to CSV (version 2)


BMC should create something like ClientDeveloper.js ... this simply provides a stable developer-facing interface to the functions in ClientCore.js, so that we developers can interact with the functions inside ClientCore.js without needing workflow and without worrying that patches from BMC will change the names of variables we're referencing or functions we're calling.


Alternately (as mentioned in my version 2 write up), simply release unsupported documentation for ClientCore.js, and let the ARS Developer community maintain an open-source interface that is consistent across ARS releases.


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