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RSSO Branding for custom HTML links

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Using RSSO UI (admin console), we can re-brand the RSSO login page with customer's logo, background image and required name/text but there is no place where it allows us to add some custom HTML links to connect to concerned portal or department, eg - IT Support, Register New User, Reset Password, Account Lock, and so on.


Today we need to login the server first and then modify the jsp files to enable the links, which IMO should not be the case as modifying the jsp is not a best practice.


Recently we had a similar experience where one of our customers asked to add two links on their RSSO Login Page and we had to modify their jsp file with some custom codes. There are few more customers with same requirement.


My opinion is - The feature of adding HTML links should be available from RSSO UI itself as a part of Branding.


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